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someone dripped a little paint on an even littler petunia.  or something approximately close to that.  better add some other flowers.  some of them are even daylilies.  whew – that was perilously close to a major oops, or screw up even.  i guess i will have to make a note to speak to the garden color consultant and weeding minions.  in the alternate time lets get to the images… seven possibly eight if it is not too cold to count…   debating point – is it the editor or the writer whom is on vacation ?


Choices – a bunch of Dalmations or 2996 Daylilies

Move over  evil lady.  No you won’t be making a coat.   And PETA won’t be in an uproar.  But you just might make one heck of a garden.  There were exactly 2996 daylilies registered in 2011*.   In fact there have been over 2000 new daylilies registered each year for the last 5 years running.

Petunias and geraniums and all the rest are pretty.  With daylilies you get a good month of knock your socks off,  grab your eyes and get your attention bloom.   Choose your plants well and a longer extended bloom season can take you right into fall.  They come in most of the colors of the rainbow.  Just about any shape you can imagine.  And they range in size from 2 and 3 inch miniatures up to 14 inch giants.

To reach out an touch the tip of this iceberg  do a search for “daylilies 2012”.  Or just pick one out of the list like Riverbend Gardens and imagine a few of these blossoms in your garden.   Or go to the AHS Daylily site and look at all 2996 that were registered in 2011.   Just remember to bring along a refreshment because you are gonna be there a while.

* Click on link, page down to “registration year”,  and next to exact year enter “2011”, then page down to search button .. 2011 daylily registrations

Oops – did I forget the disclaimer.  I do like daylilies just a little.

Totally ODG – that is Obsessive Daylily Gardener.

To find out more about the AHS and see some awsome daylilies visit here.