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this and that

a little of this and a bit of that.  first a progression of the flower.  Trahlyta, Starman’s Quest, and a seedling Starman’s Quest crossed with Stargate Portal.  Trahlyta is one of the parent plants of Starman’s Quest.  and a few images of the Starman’s Quest x Stargate Portal seeding.  the last of which the seedling attempts to exit stage right.  the camera man will attempt to dodge all responsibility for that trick.  perhaps poorly dodge.  and sometimes you go with what you got instead of what you wish you had.  some things photoshop cannot cure. five images…

12G-003 Starman’s Quest x Stargate Portal


shades of purple

this flower is out of Trahlyta.  a purple that can start out with shades of grey and over the course of the day the color darkens to purple.  the flower is Allie Katt. and it too is a flower that does not fade in the sun.  x images…



this is what a clump of Trahlyta looks like in bloom.  each flower could be labeled a study in purples.  purples.  not just one shade, a lot of shades of purple.  enjoy…  four images…

and on to yellow

this flower is mostly yellow.  just not completely yellow.  which drifts to my other favorite shade of yellow.  and which also begs the question – is there any shade of yellow or daylily for that matter which is not my favorite.  happily no – there is not a shade of daylily that will chase me away.  i am too easily swayed by any color.  the cross is 12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle a yellow with a pink blush on the midrib.  three images…

12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle grdn

  12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle grdn

12-017-10-036-trahlyta-x-black-plush-x-desert-icicle-img_1908 12-017-10-036-trahlyta-x-black-plush-x-desert-icicle-img_1907-det

no over here

please follow the camera as i jump around the garden.  last night was Startman’s Quest and a mention of one of its parents Trahlyta.  tonight it is Trahlyta on steroids.  well not exactly, it is Trahalyta with twice as many chromosomes.  instead of 22 chromosomes it has 44.  if you were to translate that into x-man terms it means that there are twice as many genes supporting a trait.  loosely put it makes those traits twice as strong.  going back to x-man magnetism would be twice as strong and the storm could build twice as quick.  not quite accurate however it is a good simple analogy.  with the plant it often shows as a stronger thicker stem.  or bigger seeds.  or in color a potential for a deeper color or a more rain resistant petal.  so after all this yakking about double chromosomes here is tetraploid 44 chromosome Trahlyta.  and yes the tetraploid version is a little heftier.  that being said i like both the steroid and non steroid versions and make crosses with both.  as in all things there are trade offs.  three images…

trahlyta-tet-img_1858-macro trahlyta-tet-img_1858-det trahlyta-tet-img_1858-grdn

tall and stellar

this purple is almost as tall as the one from the other night.  at 40 inches 101.6 cm it stands up there above most of the competition.  it has a dramatic color contrast.  and what can be described as a futuristic name – Starman’s Quest.  it is one that i want to keep working into my crosses.  that it is out of the Trahlyta line makes it harder for me to ignore.  for me it is quite the iconic flower.  both of them are.  three images…

starmans-quest-img_1856-macro starmans-quest-img_1856-det starmans-quest-img_1856-grdn

step and stop

so another step in last summer’s garden.  funny how there are so many that stop me in my tracks.  even now.  three images and keep warm…

12-017-10-036-trahlyta-x-black-plush-x-desert-icicle-img_1853-macro 12-017-10-036-trahlyta-x-black-plush-x-desert-icicle-img_1853-det

12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle

12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle

purple and grey

with the letter for today.  fits the flower to a t.  the other sibling of Satin Bird and Unique Purple is Trahlyta.  a flower of much change.  a flower of time.  on different days its color is different.  at the end of most days its color is darker.  a flower with its own rules.   four images.  enjoy.  and if you search for it here there are many children with its lineage…

trahlyta_macro_1 Trahlyta IMG_0806 grdn trahlyta det trahlyta am pm sbs

s is for

sunday.  the day off from the alphabet.  tomorrow we go back to o.  this weekend was a good weekend.  a weekend for two granddaughter birthdays.  a weekend for a short hike in the woods.  even if they were the woods at the edge of the park.  and it is a good day for a flower that does not fit into the current alphabetic plans.  this is Satin Bird.  an interesting diploid flower with two interesting siblings, Trahlyta and Unique Purple.  they share the grey purple shades when the weather is right.  other days they are just purple.  enjoy…

satin bird img 4214 macro_2 satin bird img 0602 det satin bird img 0602 macro_1