variations on a theme

this is another flower that is still blooming.  it might actually be a late blooming flower, though it is not listed as such and i certainly don’t think of it as one.  that being said i am not about to go out into the garden and argue with a flower.  it is blooming now.  so now, this year, is the time for it to be enjoyed.  it is a purple flower.  a purple flower with what usually shows as a greyish cast over the petals.  being a purple temperature and weather can affect the shade of purple from one day to another.  so without too much fuss here are two different days.  the first is what i think of as a ‘normal’ grey cast view.  the second is a redder purple day with the original picture and a picasa software auto corrected image.  the second image does show the grey on the petals.  the other thing to keep in mind is most cameras are designed to take pretty pictures of faces.  human faces not flower faces.  they are designed to favor flesh tones.  one of these years i will train myself to adjust colors – particularly purples to have the image more closely resemble the subject.  i can work on purple petunias until the frosts hit.  one of these years that is.  so here are the pictures.  and despite the previous discussion i am enjoying the flower and not fretting or sweating the small stuff or the purple stuff.  so please do – enjoy !

unique purple unaltered representative day


unique purple sbs adjusted

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