rose smoke

this is a sibling to last night’s flower.  a little more pigment than it’s sib.  and still not purple.  and just a hint of something in the eye in the blue purple range.  just a hint.

sf13 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream det

6 thoughts on “rose smoke

  1. Rebecca

    Lovely! Here’s a hint: backcross it to SMOKE SCREAM! Too many time we forget about doubling up on the original genes, thinking outcrossing is the better way to good. Not so,mon cher! Recombining the original genes can bring out exactly what you are looking for as well as unveiling things you never knew were there!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Rebecca, It is certainly worth a try. The other cross that is rattling through my mind is to cross it with the Swamp Apparition x Smoke Scream seedling.

      Happy Monday

      1. Rebecca

        I don’ recall what SA parentage is although I am pretty sure there is purple in it, but it is also an outcross whereas the backcross should give better and perhaps some surprising results. More so than the outcross. Just something about re-combining some of the same DNA!

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